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Welcome to the Fred Fredburger Fan Site

I originally opened this site in 2007. Even after all these years, I'm still Fred Fredburger's #1 fan! - CoolKaius

Site Updated September 30, 2014

Welcome to my Fred Fredburger fan site! Please leave a comment and make sure you're logged into your webs account when you post!




wellcom to my site hold on i got to go poopoo thats better this site is for fred fredburger

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Fred Fredburger Fan Meez

Check out my Fred Fredburger Fan Meez. I know the shirt says "I'm With Fred", but I don't mean Fred Thompson in the 2008 president elections. I'm too young to vote anyways. Fred  really means the name Fred in Fred Fredburger. "I'm with Fred Fredburger!"- For those of you who don't realize that . I'm eating a taco its because thats the only thing i could find on Meez that Fred Fredburger likes.

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